Trump’s Border Wall

During the 2016 campaign, Trump said he’s going to build a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico and… After his election, he clarified: So, the U.S. will pay for the wall, and Mexico will pay us back later?  Yeah, good luck with that.  Trump supporters tell me that he has a plan for how Mexico […]

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Ethics problem? What ethics problem?

Representative Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, appears to have his blinders on. His committee’s stated mission is to “work with our colleagues in the minority to exercise effective oversight over the federal government and will work proactively to investigate and expose waste, fraud, and abuse“. Despite that mission, Chaffetz sent a letter […]

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Florida SB140 means guns on school campuses

SB 140 proposes changes to Florida’s existing gun laws.  The current law allows people with concealed weapons permits to carry their firearms openly, with certain restrictions.  SB 140 (see pages 14-15) would remove some restrictions, allowing permit holders to openly carry firearms: On college and university campuses, except for athletic events On K-12 school campuses Airport passenger terminals […]

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