Rep. Ted Yoho lied to his constituents

During a town hall in Gainesville on April 10, 2017, Rep. Ted Yoho said that he agreed with the need for the President to release his tax returns.  He even signed on as a co-sponsor of HR 305, the Presidential Tax Transparency Act.

When it came time to take the next step, however, Rep. Yoho was forced to show that he lied. You see, HR 305 has been stuck in committee since January.  So, the bill’s sponsor created a discharge motion, to move the bill directly to a floor vote. It needs 218 signatures to move the bill to the floor for a vote.  As of May 16, 2017, it has 191 signatures – but Yoho’s isn’t one of them.

Why would someone who says he supports the release of the President’s taxes, and has co-sponsored the bill, not want to take the next step to move the bill toward becoming a law? Yoho’s legislative director, James Walsh, gave me Yoho’s official statement (here, scroll to items 7-8), but it doesn’t make sense.

The only reason that makes sense is that Yoho was looking for good press coverage during the April recess, but he never intended to follow through with his commitment.  He lied to his constituents for a little press coverage, and hoped we wouldn’t follow up on HR 305. Let’s hold him accountable.