Jeff Sessions is a pawn for U.S. Neo-Nazi Policy

Whether or not Senator Sessions knows it, his voting record on immigration plays into the long-term agenda of neo-nazi groups like the National Policy Institute (NPI).  For this reason, the Senate must reject his nomination for Attorney General.

The U.S. Neo-Nazi Immigration Goals

Richard Spencer, founder of NPI, was interviewed recently by NPR.  When asked what policies he’s pushing for, Spencer had several ideas, including, “Immigration is the most obvious one. And I think we need to get beyond thinking about immigration just in terms of illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is not nearly as damaging as legal immigration. Legal immigration – they’re here to stay. Their children are here and so on.

And I think a really reasonable and I think palatable policy proposal would be for Donald Trump to say, look; we’ve had immigration in the past. It’s brought some fragmentation. It’s brought division. But we need to become a people again. And for us to do that, we’re going to need to take a break from mass immigration. And we’re going to need to preference people who are going to fit in, who are more like us. That is European immigration.”

Jeff Sessions’s Voting Record

According to NumbersUSA, Senator Sessions has voted against legal immigration a number of times.


Note: On the NumbersUSA site, Senator Sessions’s voting history is split over 5 tabs.  Be sure to click each tab to get a full understanding of his voting record.

“But, that can’t happen here!”

You may be thinking that neo-nazi ideas could never take hold in our country.  In response, I’d like you to consider how Richard Spencer ended his NPR interview: “If I had told you in 1985 that we should have gay marriage in this country, you probably would have laughed at me. And I think most people would have. Or at least – at the very least, you would have been a bit confused, and you would have told me, oh that’s ridiculous. The fact is, opinions do change. People’s consciousness does change. Paradigms are meant to be broken. That’s what the alt-right is doing.”

Regardless of whether you like the progress the LGBT community has made over the past 30 years, you must admit that theirs was, and still is, a long-term effort to slowly change both laws and minds.  During his interview, Spencer told us that he intends to use the same long-term strategy of changing laws and “people’s consciousness” to achieve his goal of a white ethno-state.

What We Can Do

If he is confirmed as Attorney General, Jeff Sessions would become our government’s top lawyer, managing a large number of agencies, including The Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice and the Executive Office for Immigration Review.  For me, this is a truly worrisome prospect for one whose voting record furthers the vision of a white ethno-state.  Please contact both of your senators, even if you did not vote for them.  Let them know that you do not want them to confirm Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.