Political Strategy: Media Distraction

This morning, President-Elect Trump tweeted:


It’s my understanding that the last flag burning protests that caught media attention were on Nov 9-10, at American University in D.C. Why, I wondered, did he choose this morning to talk about it? It hasn’t been in the news for a few weeks.  It woud be difficult to pass a law to make flag burning illegal, and would certainly be challenged in court.

I thought back to Trump’s ridiculous tweet about the Hamilton cast’s statement to Mike Pence, and how it took media attention away from his appointment of Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions, as well as his $25 million fraud settlement.


Is the real point behind this morning’s flag burning tweet to distract from something?  A quick web search showed that yesterday, Trump announced the appointments of Tom Price and Seema Verma.  Why the distraction, Mr. Trump?  It seems these appointments will make your base happy.  What are you afraid of – the rest of us finding out?